Looking into dumpster rental but are unsure about how to proceed? A dumpster delivery to your home or business is a perfect way to handle waste from an extensive home or rental property mess, a big office move, home renovation, construction project, yard clean-up, or any other heavy duty project!

Instead of transporting load after load of trash to the nearest garbage dump, Heartland Recycling can place a dumpster conveniently in your driveway or parking lot. Simply toss waste into the bin, give us a call when it’s full, and we’ll come out to your property to collect it. The entire process is incredibly simple and customer-friendly, exactly what you need when dealing with large-scale work.

Heartland Recycling makes the process as seamless as possible, from scheduling, to delivery, to pick-up. You won’t need to jump through hoops with automated answering machines to order your dumpster. As a locally owned Wichita business, Heartland always has someone to answer your questions promptly. We can help you choose the right dumpster to fit your needs and budget – and set up bins both large and small in a matter of minutes.

Simplified Dumpster Rental

Choosing Your Size:

Determine how much waste needs to be thrown away, and always choose a size that’s a little larger than what you need. Just in case.

Loading Time:

How long do you think it will take to load the dumpster? Our standard rental duration is 7 days. Need more time than that? No problem! Just let us know so we can schedule appropriately.

Dumpster Placement:

We can help determine where the dumpster should be placed to make loading your waste as easy as possible. You will need up to 22ft x 8ft of space for the dumpster.

Curious what they look like? This video will help!

Contact us today and see why Heartland Dumpster Rental is your best choice for all your rental needs!